Growing Through Dreams

I don’t know about you, but Fall has been a very busy time for me.  After the long lazy days of Summer, Autumn's back-to-the-grind attitude has worn me down a bit.  I need to take my own advice and breath. 

The band and I have finally made it to the studio to record my debut single, ‘We Learn’.  A long time goal of mine. It will be released soon so stay tuned for the release date. I am excited to finally get this out into the world, but it’s also very nerve wracking.  I am feeling very exposed and vulnerable to be sharing such an intimate part of myself. But I am forging ahead and trying to remain true to my voice. 

I am realizing that remaining true to myself is becoming harder the more I share.  The door is open for opinions to flood in and they can drown me out if I let them. It’s a learning process to balance it all.  When I started the journey of recording this album, I had no idea the personal growth that would follow. It forced me to tackle limiting behaviours and negative self-talk.  If you want to grow and heal past wounds, follow your dreams.  It all bubbles up to the surface for you to clearly see. At least that’s how it’s been for me!  It’s forced me to get to the root of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, and to accept who I am and what I can offer.  I am grateful for the opportunity to do what I love, to connect with other musicians and to connect with you, the listener. Connecting with you is what keeps me going when doubt creeps in.  So I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on! 

We’re scheduled to be back in studio this weekend to continue working away on the album.  I wonder what other growth opportunities lie ahead for me….

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