Her lifetime of songwriting is evident, despite this upcoming album being her debut.” - The East

Maggie MacLean

For someone who only just reentered the music scene, she’s got the sort of clear-eyed musical identity that usually only comes from having spent a long time figuring out who one is as an artist.” - Roots Music Canada

Heather Kitching

Coming Home Now Available

Album Coming April 24, 2020

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Self-acceptance and Healing

are amongst the themes that pervade Kristen's songs.  Anyone who has pondered the meaning of it all will find something to relate to in these songs.  Intimate and laid back, Kristen's evocative voice rests on a bed of catchy acoustic rhythms, dreamy guitar riffs, warm standup bass notes and steady beats.  Her thought provoking lyrics are an inspirational lift, that remind the listener to slow down and enjoy the moment.  

Coming Home

Kristen Martell

A quiet wind chime is the first sound you hear on the new EP from Kristen Martell, a women whose music contains a lifetimes worth of wisdom. What follows that brief moment of serenity is a journey into hidden dreams and unspoken feelings in the form of six acoustic pop gems.

The need for self acceptance and healing are amongst the themes that pervade Kristen's songs. 'Fade Away' tells the story of the author disappearing into a cabin in the wilderness and reemerging with a new outlook, while the aching 'Thoughts of You' reveals the artist's inner struggle with putting her needs above the needs of others. Kristen's nuanced thoughtfulness gives these feelings space to breathe, allowing for multiple interpretations with each listen.

Kristen shows another side of herself on album highlight 'Ain't No Obstacle', a funky blues inspired ode to self confidence and progress, before closing out with the cathartic 'Home'. Anyone who has found themselves lost in thought pondering the meaning of it all will find something to relate to in Kristen's songs.
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