Kristen Martell

Kristen is an acoustic folk/pop artist from Mahone Bay, NS. Her songs explore the self and the way we walk through life.  Anyone who has pondered the meaning of it all will find something to relate to in her songs. Her sun-dappled sound is equivalent to walking through a field on a warm, summer’s day in a state of contented reflection. 


Originally from Northern New Brunswick, Kristen was born into a musical family.   She learned to love music from an early age. Her grandfather was her earliest influence as she learned piano, trombone and fiddle. She eventually found her way to the acoustic guitar, which held the key to finding her voice. She began writing songs as a form of meditation. "This form of connection is what I thrive for" she explains. "Music fills the spaces where words fall short".


Kristen spent her early adult years on the local singer/songwriter circuit, but eventually life got in the way. With a full time career as an environmental scientist and two kids, her music faded into the background of her life. For 10 years she dedicated herself to her responsibilities, but always felt something was missing. Her deep urge to share her music finally reemerged in 2018 in a huge burst of creativity and inspiration. Calling it her “comeback”, she released a debut album in April 2020 to positive reviews.  With a new project on the horizon for 2020/2021,  she continues to express her gift to the world.